A Better Way To Look

What Others Think

"The new edition of the How I Look Journal is fabulous! I have absolutely no hesitations about recommending this book. It's pro diversity, anti diet, and chock full of lessons and activities. What a great way to learn about body esteem!"

Lindsey Hall Cohn, author Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery and Self-Esteem Tools for Recovery

"The How I Look Journal has really opened my eyes! I feel better about my body image and know how to help myself. I especially loved the pages with optical illusions; it helped me realize how our eyes can fool us! Thanks Molly and Nan!"

Alissa G., 8th grade Student

"Some time ago Sheila Dubin contacted me to ask me to review theses two books in order to provide feedback about their applicability and use in working with middle school girls and their mothers. While I have always been extremely impressed with Sheila's sensitivity and insights about this population, I already had a number of what I thought to be similar workbooks on my office bookshelf. I did not expect to be as enthusiastic about this project as I came to be after my review. To begin, the books are creatively designed, and thoughtfully written with a wonderful blend of helpful content, memorable sayings and inviting commentary. In addition, I found the concept of a mother's companion book to be brilliant, and offers a wonderful opportunity for joint learning while giving mother and daughter her own vehicle. Together I believe these books are powerful tools for helping to create high self-esteem and positive body image."

Amy Bassell Crowe, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"What an exceptional tool for our young women; I am looking forward to seeing how we can collaborate so your dreams can be realized and ours - to support those affected by eating disorders and be a catalyst for change. The journal you and your daughter developed is incredible and getting it into schools and the hands of our youth - powerful. Again, thank you so much; you two are truly doing some incredible work in your community!"

Tracy L. Kahlo, Vice President
National Eating Disorders Association

"The How I Look Journal allows girls to explore many facets of their life in a constructive way. In our work at Girls For A Change, we have found self reflection and visualizing commitments to yourself and the community are creative and productive ways to encourage girls to create change in their own lives. The journal gives girls an opportunity to do this exploration around self image, health and personal goals making it an effective tool for groups and individuals. In addition, Molly's inclusion of personal experiences and her experiences with peers ensures the content is relevant for girls."

Carrie Ellett, National Program Director
Girls For a Change

"I love this journal. It's so warm, informative and up-beat. It does a great job of encouraging teenage girls to look at the issues confronting them and to love and accept themselves. Thank you Molly and Nan!"

Colleen Fallon, MFT

"By shifting the focus to 'change' and to 'physical development' you've normalized the variation in body shape and suggested ways to work with (not against) nature without negative labeling. This is an empowering perspective that supports girls in exerting a realistic amount of influence over their appearance... which is of course your point."

Dorothy Rosenbluth, Movement Therapist

"How I Look Journal is a gently persuasive book encouraging young women to truly know themselves. At a time of life when young girls are struggling to become women, this directed journaling guides the reader to a place of self-trust. If more young women took the journey outlined in this book, the world would have many happier adult women. Pay particular attention to the wisdom of Molly sprinkled throughout."

Lizbeth J. Martin, Ph.D.
President, Mental Research Institute's Board of Directors
Vice President for Academic Affairs Holy Names University

It was so amazing to work with 45 girls at the Indiana Salvation Army's Youth Sports Camp and see them get so excited about feeling good about themselves. I was able to tie in the How I Look Journal with meditation and yoga, with reflections on what it means to have different body sizes, to see the media realistically, to talk about the rainbow of healthy foods, and to talk about believing in themselves. A lot of these girls have big dreams. They come from backgrounds where sometimes there is a slim chance of those dreams happening. But it was so great to be able to tell these girls, "No matter what anyone tells you. You can follow your dreams if you believe in yourself," and then use the How I Look Journal to journal about it for themselves. Some of them loved to share; others wanted to keep it to themselves, but I think everyone, especially the 10-13 year olds, really benefited from it, and it was neat to watch the girls become more confident as our time together went on. Working with Nan weekly brought more to the program because of her knowledge and passion for the work.

Meredith Terpeluk, MNA
Life Coach

"Nan Dellheim and I worked together over a series of months last year with a Girl Scout troop of 7th graders (ages 12-13 years old). She always brought enthusiasm and creativity to her interactions with the girls and an openness to listen to their feelings and reactions. Nan has inspired the girls to share their new-found knowledge and skills with younger girls by designing a program for themselves to lead with other Girl Scouts. Nan is a strong asset to our community."

Rebecca Jedel
Girl Scout Leader and Clinical Psychologist

"Good teaching is getting the kids interested enough that they will want to continue exploring the topics on their own. The journal provides for this."

Janet Newman
Head of General Studies
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School

"This is a valuable tool for girls of all ages that provides techniques to build lasting self-esteem. This journal encourages healthy creativity and self-reflection and is a great gift for aspiring writers and teens alike!"

Jess Weiner
Self-esteem expert and author, "A Very Hungry Girl," and "Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds from Now"

"When I read the journal, I felt good inside that I didn't have to be like other people, I could just be myself. It was really good feedback."

Tomomi G., 6th grade Student

"I have the greatest respect for Nan Dellheim. She has left a permanent mark on our school community. We are blessed to have worked with her. I am so grateful for all that she has shared with our students and our community. She is a true professional with passion to work with girls and real life issues. She comes with my highest recommendation!"

"Nan, this is so encouraging and I hope reaffirming to you that you have developed something that is life changing for girls!!! Great job!"

Dora Arredondo-Marron
Middle School Dean
Woodside Priory School

"I liked how some of the questions really made you think about yourself, like your pet peeve, or your favorite 'whatever'...because when I was doing it I realized, I don't really know those things about myself and I had to really think about it."

Sarah G.
7th Grade Student

"Nan and Molly's How I Look Journal is a delightful added bonus to our already comprehensive 6th grade Social and Emotional Learning curriculum. Nan's passion with this material and her request for feedback from our students while creating this journal has allowed for an authentic and relevant voice, one that engages its audience and takes social and emotional learning a step further. The journal allows the girls to cover more material than is possible within class time, and Nan's enthusiasm to collaborate and support our SEL units with this curriculum provides opportunities for broader classroom discussion and reinforces key issues."

Andrea Barlas, MFT, ATR-BC
Guidance Advisor
The Girls' Middle School

"My daughter enjoys her How I Look Journal and I love that in the process she's gaining a healthy view of herself and her body. Thank you for providing young girls with such an engaging tool for realizing their unique beauty, strengths and health, and for pointing out the unrealistic images of girls and women presented in the media."

June Ganley
Cadet Girl Scout Troop leader and mom

"How I Look Journal is a wonderful way to ask the right questions in therapy. I use the Journal to bring structure to my work with adolescent girls. It provides an opening for every important topic. The Journal moves therapy sessions from the most recent complaint at hand into character development. The result has been girls stay in treatment longer and can articulate their own personal growth. The Journal becomes personal proof of their journey - and the parents also know this was a really worthwhile trip."

David G. Hall, Ph.D

"The mentor meetings have been a blast; especially when we have group discussions about our own experiences! It's so helpful to hear other's perceptions of themselves, and how I'm not the only one that thinks these things about myself! (haha!) I really hope that we will be able to help girls appreciate themselves more for who they are. I know that I would have benefitted so much from having older girls share their experiences and advice with me when I was going through those difficult middle years. I suppose I simply hope that the girls know that we will always be there for them if they ever need to talk about something, or if they just need somebody to listen."

Maia T.
16 year old Mentor

"When my high school daughter first told me she was going to provide feedback on How I Look Journal that she would later use to help mentor middle school girls at her college prep school, I thought, how great for the middle school girls. What I didn't realize at the time was how beneficial the program would be for my daughter, too! Through her mentoring, she was able to revisit her own feelings and choices, help other girls through an important time in their lives, and even discover that she might like to pursue adolescent psychology in college. In short, the program was a great gift all-round."

Sue Lowe
mother of a High School Mentor

"My daughter used the How I Look Journal with a 5th grade class of girls as a part of her "High School Senior Project"...it fit the topic she is covering perfectly. This project was very in-depth and included at least 50 hours of prep and presentation time. Coming from a community with a high percentage of low income families and having 7 of her classmates pregnant or already mothers, has driven her to bring this "self esteem" and "positive body image" journal to the younger generation of this very small remote island of Molokai. She chose a fifth grade class from Kaunakakai Elementary school that consists of 17 girls, to work with. The project was very successful and we are happy to say that it not only helped to build individual self esteem but the group esteem as a whole. They are much more open with each other, much more prepared to take on the changes in their lives ahead, and it had a very positive influence on their goals in "life". Several students hugged her and thanked her for "teaching" them. One student told her that she was going to keep her How I Look Journal forever. How I Look Journal comes with both of our strongest recommendations."

A warm aloha,

Laurie Madani, 5th grade teacher, and Estrella Madani

"In a world that encourages girls to focus on how they look instead of who they are, this journal provides information and encouragement that preteens need to make decisions, believe they are amazing, and feel powerful! No shelf should be without a copy!"

Nancy L. Brown, PhD
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

"It would be a better world if every young girl who is questioning her body image and is feeling judged could read this book. Nan and Molly are making a huge impact in our vision: a world where girls' ability mattered more than their appearance; where girls' energy went to changing the world rather than aspiring to look like unrealistic and unhealthy fashion models; where we no longer hear comments from our youth like "I feel fat" "Do I look fat?" Thank you Nan and Molly for your tremendous and laudable efforts toward this goal. "

Janice Bremis
Executive Director
Eating Disorder Resource Center
Campbell, California

"I used this journal with my Girl Scouts as part of a Body Image project. The girls loved this journal and found it extremely worthwhile and relevant. If you have a young daughter this is a great journal for her to use and work through by herself. Simple graphics, thoughtful, easy to read and understand. With all the pressures advertisers, media, and more place on our girls to look like models this book is a good start to counter the 'self image fight' and have some relevant conversations."

Barbara Vella
Girl Scout Leader and charter school Founder

"I really like all the new pictures in the 'Playing Dress-up' section. There's more information on different types of styles and outfits."

Hannah V, 15
How I Look Journal Teen Advisor

"In PE class we always talk about how to respect our bodies, but in reality it all comes out of the coach's mouth pretty cheesy. No one really pays attention to him either. I notice my stick-thin friends still saying, 'I am so fat.' Your book is completely the opposite. I feel like it really takes our teenage minds into consideration and also doesn't sound cheesy at all. Great Job! I feel like girls would be happy to use this. This new edition just keeps getting better and better!"

Maddie C, 13 1/2 years old
How I Look Journal Teen Advisor

"Other books say, 'If you look like this, you should be wearing this.' The new 'Playing Dress-up' chapter gives girls more options. It says, 'Here are some shapes and looks you might want to try' and leaves it up to us to decide. Seeing the different clothing shapes gives me some ideas of things I'd like to try. It's much more 'user friendly.'"

Alissa and Jessica, 15
How I Look Journal Teen Advisors

"I love this class! I gained so much knowledge from all 10 classes. I have found myself having a more positive outlook on myself, stressing less, and becoming more confident. I would recommend this class to all my 7th grade girls, and I hope that girls a year younger than me will have this opportunity next year. Thank you so much. I am so lucky to have been part of this class. There is nothing that I think you should change. Thank you so much!"

Madison, 7th Gr Student

"I work in a clinical setting at UNC Children's Hospital. My adolescent and teenage female patients love this journal. Here are some quotes that I have received from them:

'This could not be a more perfect book for me. I love it! I could not be more grateful to Meghan for giving it to me. It's honestly the best book ever. It really helps me manage my stress better and it helps me make myself set goals. It helps me with my confidence. It is just all around GREAT!!' -15y/F

'This journal is hleping me become more confident about myself'-17y/F

'This journal has helped me not be so angry and upset with my body. I can explain myself better to people about me. I love it.'-16y/F"

Meghan Fox, LRT/CTRS, CCLS

"I have really enjoyed tihs class. It has taught me to love myself even more, body, face, clothes and all. You've taught me to take care of my body because it is the only one I'm going to get. I have enjoyed growing and learning with my friends, and will continue to look to the journal for guidance, inspiration, or good pick me up. Thank you for making me love myself and to respect and enjoy every one around me. I love how I look, thanks to you!"

Hannah D., 7th Gr Student

"Hellow ms.nan, My name is viviena. i just wanted to know when you are going to do the class with the other 7th grade class because i looked through my twin sister's how i look journal and i just wondered if we are going to get to do it because this would be good for the girls in my class who have anger issue and i really like how you create the journal. thank you very much andi hope you write me back thanks again:-)."

Viviena, 7th Gr Student

"Thank you for the How I Look classes. I learned a lot. The journals were really cool. I loved writing in it. The 'Barbie' class was fun! I didn't know she was unhealthy. Thank you!"

Amelia, 6th Gr Student

"I really enjoyed Lesson 10 ((Playing Dress-up to Find the Looks YOU like) and the perceptions chapter. My inner voice overpowers many good thoughts. The class and journal really helped. I would have more class than ten, but it worked out fine. I loved the class!"

P.K., 7th Gr Student

"I am a full-time 6th grade homeroom teacher at a 6th through 8th grade middle school. For the past two years, Nan Dellheim and I have led a weekly group of ten 7th grade girls in a "How I Look" after school group. The "How I Look" companion lesson materials include comprehensive and easy-to-follow lesson plans with clear objectives focused on educating and empowering young women. The power points and video clips add multimedia interest to the How I Look Journal, which actually stands alone well, too. I have been delighted to see positive changes in the self-confidence of the young women with whom we work. It has been a pleasure to be involved in this program."

Mary Kachmanian Fries, MA
National Board Certified Teacher