A Better Way To Look

User Comments

"Nan and Molly's How I Look Journal is a delightful added bonus to our already comprehensive 6th grade Social and Emotional Learning curriculum… The journal allows the girls to cover more material than is possible within class time, and provides opportunities for broader classroom discussion and reinforces key issues."

Andrea Barlas, MFT, ATR-BC
Guidance Advisor
The Girls' Middle School

“It was so amazing to work with 45 girls at the Indiana Salvation Army's Youth Sports Camp and see them get so excited about feeling good about themselves. I was able to tie in the How I Look Journal with meditation and yoga, with reflections on what it means to have different body sizes, to see the media realistically, to talk about the rainbow of healthy foods, and to talk about believing in themselves. A lot of these girls have big dreams. They come from backgrounds where sometimes there is a slim chance of those dreams happening. But it was so great to be able to tell these girls, "No matter what anyone tells you. You can follow your dreams if you believe in yourself," and then use the How I Look Journal to journal about it for themselves. Some of them loved to share; others wanted to keep it to themselves, but I think everyone, especially the 10-13 year olds, really benefited from it, and it was neat to watch the girls become more confident as our time together went on. Working with Nan weekly brought more to the program because of her knowledge and passion for the work.”

Meredith Terpeluk, MNA, Life Coach
"I am a full-time 6th grade homeroom teacher at a 6th through 8th grade middle school. For the past two years, Nan Dellheim and I have led a weekly group of ten 7th grade girls in a "How I Look" after school group. The "How I Look" companion lesson materials include comprehensive and easy-to-follow lesson plans with clear objectives focused on educating and empowering young women. The power points and video clips add multimedia interest to the How I Look Journal, which actually stands alone well, too. I have been delighted to see positive changes in the self-confidence of the young women with whom we work. It has been a pleasure to be involved in this program."

Mary Kachmanian Fries, MA
National Board Certified Teacher

"The mentor meetings have been a blast; especially when we have group discussions about our own experiences! It's so helpful to hear other's perceptions of themselves, and how I'm not the only one that thinks these things about myself! (haha!) I really hope that we will be able to help girls appreciate themselves more for who they are. I know that I would have benefitted so much from having older girls share their experiences and advice with me when I was going through those difficult middle years. I suppose I simply hope that the girls know that we will always be there for them if they ever need to talk about something, or if they just need somebody to listen."

Maia T, 16 year old Mentor
"We are honored to have How I Look Lessons offered as part of our Summer Wellness Education and Training for Teens (SWEAT) Institute. The Adapted How I Look Lessons train high school students to present the material and speak with middle school students and peers about the impact of our society on self-image. Always the favorite topics, stress, appearance and diet myths inspire self-reflection and a passion to resist pressure to focus self- esteem on appearance."

Nancy L.Brown, PhD Palo Alto Medical Foundation
"Nan Dellheim and I worked together over a series of months last year with a Girl Scout troop of 7th graders (ages 12-13 years old). She always brought enthusiasm and creativity to her interactions with the girls and an openness to listen to their feelings and reactions. Nan has inspired the girls to share their new-found knowledge and skills with younger girls by designing a program for themselves to lead with other Girl Scouts."

Rebecca Jedel
Girl Scout Leader and Clinical Psychologist