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At this special time of growth and change when I'm FINALLY being allowed, and EXPECTED to think more for myself, everyone is TELLING me how to think, how to feel and how to see myself and the world around me!

Through my eyes...
“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.”

John Jakes
Information is Power! A time when information helped me find my power was...

Through my eyes...
“The reason most people fail to reach the finish line is that they confuse a setback with a failure...A setback isn't a dead end: (It's) just a learning curve on your journey to success. In fact, setbacks can actually speed up your journey toward success if you pay attention to them.”

Russell Simmons

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Is one of these girls healthier than the other?

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We don’t know if one of these girls is healthier than the other because we can’t draw any conclusions about a person’s health based on looks – normal, healthy girls come in all shapes and sizes!! How a person looks doesn't tell us anything about her physical activities or eating habits, two behaviors that influence fitness and health. People who are physically active on a daily basis and are satisfying their hunger with a wide range of nutritious foods can be fit and healthy at any size!

You probably know someone who has a thin body type but lives on chips and is a total couch potato. How is that possible?

Answer: Most likely, that person is genetically predisposed to be thin, which means that her thinness was determined even before she was born by the genes she inherited from her biological parents. But is she nutritionally and physically fit? Is she healthier than a person with a larger body type who chooses to eat wisely and enjoys being physically active on a daily basis?

Answer: No! In fact, studies have shown that the health risks that we assume are usually caused by obesity are more likely to be caused by lack of fitness.

Some things about our health are beyond our control, but you can make important choices that will contribute to your health and fitness and also a healthy weight! If you are physically active for 30-60 minutes most days and eat a wide range of nutritious foods when you are hungry and stop when you are full, you can be confident that you are adopting behaviors that will contribute to your health and also a healthy weight!

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Do you like how you look in your clothes?

"I used to get really frustrated with shopping because I have very wide shoulders compared to my hip and waist width. Whenever I found something that fit my shoulders, it would be way too big around my waist, and whenever I found something that fit my waist it was way too small for my shoulders. Even though the media portrays an "ideal body-type," there is really no such thing. Everyone has features that they like and features that they don't like as much regardless of what is in or not. While it may be hard at first to find clothing that you feel fits and flatters, it is all about working with what you have and discovering your own tricks for what works and what doesn't. After I learned to embrace my features and figured out that I shouldn't try to force myself into any type of clothing, shopping became a lot less frustrating and more productive. The most important thing about clothing is that you alwas feel comfortable and confident. It's about how you wear it, not necessarily what you wear!"

Lauren S.
16 year old Mentor

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A journal girl writes:

"I'm in the 6th grade and wear clothes that I feel comfortable in. When is it normal to start thinking about fashion?"
Dear Comfy Journal Girl,

"There's no timetable - some girls never get interested in fashion, and the way you feel now is the way you should feel! Feeling comfortable and good about what you're wearing is everyone's goal! Sometimes when we women get really interested in fashion we start feeling worse about how we look because we don't like how we look in some of the styles. That's when learning the geometry tricks helps us find a look we like so that we can feel good about how we look again. As your body starts to grow and change, your clothes might fit differently and you might want to play with some of the tricks we show you in the How I Look Journal. Just keep liking how you look and feeling comfortable in your clothes, and keep us posted!"

Love, Molly and Nan

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