A Better Way To Look

"Jumping rope is awesome! PS - It took me a very short time to learn!!!"

~Shreya, age 13

"Jumping rope is really fun and easy to do. You can jump rope with your friends or alone. You feel really healthy and empowered. Jumping rope helps you when you're stressed or when you just want to have a good time. Last week I went to the park with my family and I jumped rope. It was so fun that I forgot I was exercising!"

~Sol, age 12

"Dear Girls,
I'm Olivia and I'm here to tell you how amazing it is to jump rope. It's a fun way to stay active and healthy. All through elementary school we would have a week of jumping rope. I've learned different skips and tricks, and I even learned to double dutch (a skill with two ropes). After the end of the week, we had an all school contest by grades. Me and my friends did a group Double Dutch and then I jumped rope on my own. I ended up placing first on my own and 2nd with my friends. I got a trophy for 1st and we each got a medal for 2nd. Though it took time for me to learn, I had a great experience."

~Olivia, age 11

"Hi, I'm Jolie and I want to tell you about jumping rope. Jumping rope is an awesome activity; it could be a contest too! You could do it alone, together, you could make up rhymes, you could do it anywhere there's a little free space! It makes you healthier, and it's fun!"

~Sincerely, your friend, Jolie, age 12

"When I jump rope I feel calm, relieved, happy, fresh and unpressured."


"When I jumped rope it didn't really feel like exercise. If I tried to do other things with the rope, like crossing my arms, then it was more fun and more of a challenge. When I was able to cross my arms, I felt really good about myself and I wanted to keep on jumping rope."

~Abby, age 12