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How I Look Journal

Dear Journal Girl,

At this special time of growth and change when you're FINALLY being allowed, and EXPECTED to think more for yourself, everyone is TELLING you HOW to think, HOW to feel, and HOW to see yourself and the world around you. How I Look won't do that! But, information is power, and How I Look will give you the information and lots of room to journal so you will have the power to decide how YOU look - at yourself, at your world, and at your future, and you'll have some fun playing with how cute you look, too! Happy journaling!


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For teachers, counselors, and parents:

The How I Look Journal is a self-esteem and wellness guide that young adolescent girls can use independently or in the classroom. Topics included in the How I Look Journal were identified based on an extensive review of evidence-based programs that improve self-esteem, reduce body dissatisfaction, and encourage healthy behaviors.

The How I Look Journal empowers girls to:

  • Celebrate inner strengths and attributes
  • Manage stress
  • Make healthy decisions about nutrition and exercise
  • Develop realistic expectations for growth and appearance
  • Think critically about media messages and the beauty ideal
  • Modify negative perceptions and attitudes
  • Improve body acceptance and self-confidence
  • Discover inspirational and empowering role models

Unique and timely, the How I Look Journal incorporates these concepts in journal format, as opposed to a traditional and often less appealing workbook.

In a youthful tone that mirrors girls’ voices, the thought provoking journal prompts integrate the informational readings with a clear focus.

Inspirational quotes, illustrations that reflect real world diversity, and messages from a caring mentor (co-author, Molly Dellheim) add to its appeal.

Blank pages throughout allow for independent journal writing or teacher directed journal prompts (view preview).

With topics common to many social and emotional learning, self-esteem, and youth development programs, the How I Look Journal can be used to reinforce your lessons and enhance students' comprehension.

How I Look Journal Lesson Materials are also available (see Educators and Counselors for more details).

Early drafts were reviewed by diverse groups of girls and focus groups were conducted.

The How I Look Journal has been revised and updated four times based on actual classroom experience and feedback from teachers, counselors, and students.

How I Look Journal

by Molly and Nan Dellheim
160 pages, 8.5" x 8.5", B&W
For ages 10-14